Göçmen Renkler: Garo Altinian and Friends

About Garo Altinian:
Born in Turkey of Armenian origin, Garo Altinian has made Canada his home for more than forty years. He lived in Toronto for the most part and has also lived in Montreal and Vancouver. He now resides in Ottawa. Garo has been composing, singing and playing inspirational and devotional music for more than twenty years. His music has roots in the Sufi and Vedic traditions as well as the influences of western folk music.
Over the past decade, Garo has been concentrating on the teachings and the writings of Mewlana Jalal’uddin Rumi. Inspired by the ageless wisdom of the great master, he has turned a number of Rumi poems into music. Combining the instruments of the east and west, his music produces unique, meditative, and contemplative melodies.

His repertoire consists of original compositions sung in both English and Turkish.
Poems from the concert:

Sen ve Ben (You and I)
Ben bende değil, sende de hem sen, hem ben,
Ben hem benimim, hem de senin, sen de benim,
Bir öyle garip hale bugün geldim ki
Sen benmisin, bilmiyorum, ben mi senim
I am not in I, nor you are in you or me.
I am both mine and yours and you are mine.
What a peculiar state I find myself in today,
I don’t know if I am you or you are me.
Yedi Öğüt – Seven Lessons
Cömertlikde, yardım etmede, Akar su gibi ol
Şefkât ve merhametde, Güneş gibi ol
Başkalarının kusurunu örtmede, Gece gibi ol
Hiddet ve asabiyetde, Ölü gibi ol
Tevazuda ve alçak gönüllülükde, Toprak gibi ol
Herşeyi hoş görmede, Deniz gibi ol
Ya olduğun gibi görün
Ya göründüğün gibi ol
With generosity and helpfulness, Be like the flowing water
With compassion and forgiveness, Be like the shining sun
When seeing faults in others, Be like the hidden night
When angered and irritated, Be like a corpse
In humility and modesty, Be like the mother earth
In tolerance and patience, Be like the eternal ocean
Either appear as you are
Or be as you appear


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